Custom Print

Put your store name, logo, address, website, phone number and more on any of the products below.

Don’t have a logo? We can design one for you for less than $200!

Custom Print Q&A

Does it cost a lot to print my business name and logo on products?
Not much more! Some printed items cost the same as generic ones. Most printed items cost anywhere up to 10% more than the generic items. Contact us and we will give you a cost comparison between generic and printed supplies.
I don’t have a business logo designed. Can you help me create one?
Yes. We can help you design a logo for your business for less than $200.
I don’t have space to store my printed supplies. Can you help me with storage and delivery?
Yes. We can store your custom printed items and deliver them to you on regular basis at no additional cost!
Is there a minimum order required for custom-printed items?
Yes, but most store managers find that the minimum order requirements are very reasonable. Our general rule is that if you can use the minimum order quantity within 6 months, we can help you store it and deliver it to you on a regular basis.